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GFWC Fundraising Programs

Looking for an easy way to raise money for your GFWC club?  Our fundraising programs feature greeting cards, stationery, and gifts that are easy to sell and great to have on hand!  These products sell easily, are fun to present and fill a year-round need in millions of households across the country.  Our programs are user-friendly with no minimums, prompt turn-around, and no prepayment.  Best of all, you'll earn 40% of everything you sell!  Start earning money.  Contact us today!


Online Fundraising

Fundraising has never been easier.  No more door to door sales.  Now you can use the power of the internet to raise money for your cause.  It's faster, easier, and allows you to involve friends and family across the country in your fundraising efforts.


How it Works

1) Choose a start date and an end date for your fundraiser

2) Sign up and receive approval from it takes two.

3) Check your e-mail for your approval notice which contains your unique fundraising code

4) Promote your fundraising code and our web address

5) Cash your check for 40% of the profits of the purchases made on your fundraising code


The Online Advantage

1) Access to everything on our website

2) Pure 40% profit straight to your pocket.

3) No door to door sales.  Saves time and gas money!

4) Easy to promote with e-mail and social media.  Just post your fundrasing code and our web address.



Traditional Fundraising

Raise funds for your club with household staples like stationery, greeting cards, and pocket planners.  Use our colorful 4-page flyer to sell products that are fun to present, and useful year-round.


How it Works

1) We send you promotional materials and 4-page fundraising flyers

2) You sell items to friends and family and collect payments

3) You send us the master order

4) We ship to one address for distribution

5) We bill you for 60% of  your total sales plus shipping


Traditional Benefits

1) 40% profit (less shipping costs)

2) Colorful, easy-to-use flyers that feature our best-selling products

3) No minimums and no prepayment

4) Ability to reach those who prefer not to shop online

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